Zhongguancun Tech Commits to Financial Leasing Services for Beijing’s 5G Sector


A leading financial group in the Beijing tech district of Zhongguancun has flagged greater financial leasing support for the local 5G sector.

The Chinese central bank’s Financial Times reports that Zhongguancun Tech Leasing Co., Ltd. (中关村科技租赁有限公司) plans to launch new 5G sector financial services, that will “provide 5G enterprises with overall solution plans encompassing financial services and equipment leasing, and use financial leasing to support the development of Beijing’s 5G sector.”

Key areas of support will include: “hard tech” enterprises that are involved with core components or key technologies for the 5G industry chain; enterprises that provide 5G products and technical services for major projects for the upgrade and transformation of areas around the centre of Beijing, the new Beijing airport, the 2019 Beijing Expo, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Chang’an Avenue; and enterprises that develop 5G-related applications involving automatic cars, healthcare, the Industrial Internet, smart cities, or super-high resolution channels.

Zhongguancun Tech Leasing’s parent company, Beijing Zhongguancun Tech Venture Financial Services Group (北京中关村科技创业金融服务集团有限公司) recently released the “Zhongguancun Tech Venture Financial Services Group 5G Sector Comprehensive Financial Services Guide” (中关村科技创业金融服务集团5G产业综合金融服务指南).

The Guide calls for “fully employing coordinated service advantages in tech finance areas including guarantees, leasing and venture capital to help to drive Beijing’s 5G development strategy.”