Ping An Bank Launches “AI Banker” System


Ping An Bank is applying artificial intelligence technology to its credit card, private banking and retail operations as part of its “AI Banker” system.

Ping An Bank has touted the creation of China’s first “AI Banker” system as part of ongoing efforts to use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the efficiency and quality of its operations.

In the area of credit cards, Ping An Bank is using AI to create a “new transaction-grade scenario-based credit extension model” to satisfy the needs of consumers with regard to their credit limits when performing transactions.

The system is capable of automatically calculating and updating the credit limits of customers on a 24-7 basis, as well as performing “smart pre-assessment” of the potential credit product needs of consumers to automatically provide matching credit services.

Ping An Bank is also employing AI to automate and accelerate the identification of high-net worth clients who qualify for private banking services, removing the need for lengthy wait times.

The lender uses robo-advisory services to provide investment recommendation reports, and smart research services to automate the collection of market and investment information, providing high net-worth clients with a sound basis for investment decisions.

When it comes to retail operations, Ping An Bank is pursuing the “in-depth integration and application of fintech with operations and scenarios” to improve the quality of financial services in the daily lives of c

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