Beijing Pushes for Completion of Industrial Big Data System in China by 2025


The Chinese central government hopes to put in place the foundations of an industrial big data system by the middle of next decade

On 4 September the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released the “Industrial Big Data Development Guidance Opinions (Draft for Solicitation of Opinions)” (工业大数据发展指导意见(征求意见稿)).

The Opinions call for the “basic completion” of an industrial big data resources system, integration system, industry system and management system by 2025, forming a “closed-loop development situation” for the gathering and sharing of data, data technology products, integrated data applications and data management.”

The draft opinions also call for creating suppliers of industrial big data solution plans in key areas including clean energy, aviation, aerospace and construction, and support for equity financing for qualified industrial big data enterprises.