Beijing Fintech Research Institute to Open in Xicheng District


The Beijing municipal government hopes to launch a new fintech research institute in the city’s Xicheng district.

The Beijing municipal government is currently leading efforts to launch the Beijing Fintech Research Institute (北京金融科技研究院) in the Bejing Fintech and Specialist Service Innovation Demonstration District (北京金融科技与专业服务创新示范区), with the goal of fostering “resource integration, technological sharing, and research and development breakthroughs.”

According to publicly available data the research institute will be a “privately run non-enterprise entity” situated at 63 Nancaochang in Beijing’s Xicheng district.

The Beijing Fintech Research Institute will have registered capital of 20 million yuan, to be provided by financial institutions, municipal state-owned enterprises, tertiary institutions, leading fintech companies and natural persons.

It’s key work remit will include “establishing and operating open fintech R&D platforms, regulatory sandboxes, scenario applications, international exchanges and talent development.”

The new institute has already attracted the support of leading players in China’s tech sector. with Shenzhen TECHO Telecom approving the provision of 2 million yuan to the new institute at a board meeting held on 10 September.