Charitable Cash Donations in China Hit New High of over 100B Yuan in 2018


Charitable donations cash reached a record high of more than 100 billion yuan last year.

The “2018 Chinese Charitable Donations Report” (2018年度中国慈善捐助报告) released by the China Charity Alliance indicates that Chinese charitable donations of all types totalled 143.915 billion yuan in 2018, declining 4.05% compared to the previous year on the back of a drop in donations of vaccines.

Total cash donations rose to a record high, however, breaching the 100 billion yuan threshold for the first time. Personal donations were 36.047 billion yuan, for a YoY rise of 3.24%.

The total donation amount accounted for 0.16% of Chinese GDP, while the per capita donation amount was 103.14 yuan.

Chinese charitable donations mainly flowed to the three areas of education, poverty support and development, and medical treatment and health, accounting for 29.4%, 24.72% and 20.44% of the total respectively.