China Launches Certification for Fintech Professionals in Shenzhen


A new form of certification for fintech professionals has been launched in the southern Chinese finance and tech hub of Shenzhen.

On 28 September the China Banking Association (CBA) (中国银行业协会) launched the first training program for its Certification in Finance and Technology (CFT) (金融科技师认证) in Shenzhen.

The program is a joint initiative between CBA, China Construction Bank University, the University of Shenzhen and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The developers of the program says it covers the “ABCDI’s” of modern fintech, referring to artificial intelligence, the blockchain, cloud computing, big data and the internet of things, focusing in particular on application scenarios and solution plans for banking sector financial institutions.

The program will also cover fintech development trends, digital transformation, regtech and agile banking.

Pan Guangwei (潘光伟), CBA vice-head and party secretary, said that a lack of specialised, integrated talent has always been the biggest challenge faced by the development of fintech by Chinese bank, especially amongst small and medium-sized lenders.