Beijing Tops 2019 List of World’s Leading Fintech Centres


Beijing has come first on a new list of the world’s leading fintech hub cities prepared by research groups in Zhejiang province.

The “2019 Fintech Central City Report” (2019金融科技中心城市报告) lists a total of eight leading global fintech centres, which include:

  1. Beijing,
  2. San Francisco,
  3. New York ,
  4. Shanghai,
  5. London,
  6. Shenzhen,
  7. Hangzhou,
  8. Chicago.

The list was prepared by the Zhejiang University Internet Finance Research Institute in conjunction with the Zhejiang Association of Internet Finance (浙江互联网金融联合会).

Bi Shenglin (贲圣林), head of the Zhejiang University Internet Finance Research Institute, said that the report looked at over the fintech development status of 70 cities around the world before selecting the top 20.

The set of 20 cities was then divided into global fintech centres and regional fintech centres.