Shenzhen Government Calls for More Blockchain Research


The Shenzhen municipal government has just called for strengthening of research into the blockchain and other key emerging technologies.

A meeting of the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipality held on 19 November called for “strengthening fundamental research into the blockchain,” as well as “accelerating the in-depth integration of the blockchain with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things.”

The municipal government pointed to the need to “actively drive the integrated development of the blockchain and the economy and society; drive concentrated innovation, strengthen application demonstrations and invigorate the real economy.”

Shenzhen has emerged as a key centre for China’s fintech sector, with Tencent teaming up with local authorities to launch the first blockchain-based electronic invoice system a year ago, and the Chinese central bank subsequently launching a blockchain-driven trade finance platform in the city.

A recent study found that Shenzhen is the Chinese city with the strongest demand for blockchain-related professionals.

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