Ranking of China’s Top 100 Fintech Service Providers for the Banking Sector Released


Chinese tech publications eNet and Ciweek have just released their latest list of China’s top 100 providers of fintech services to the banking sector.

According to eNet and Ciweek the “2020 Future Bank Tech Service Vendors 100” (2020未来银行科技服务商100) encompassed specialist and comprehensive tech enterprises, product providers and hardware manufacturers.

The 2020 Future Bank Tech Service Vendors 100

1Pingan Tech (平安科技)Smart tech services
2GRG Banking (广电运通)Smart hardware terminals
3SenseTime (商汤科技)Artificial intelligence
4Mashang Consumer Finance (马上消费金融)Consumer finance
5Chengdu Santai Electronics(三泰控股)Smart hardware terminals
6Hundsun Technologies (恒生电子)Digital solution plans
7OneConnect (金融壹账通)Cloud services
8Client Service International (科蓝软件)Software services
9NetPosa Technologies (东方网力)Smart devices
10Shenzhen TECHO Telecom (神州信息)Software services
11Eastern Communication (东方通信)Smart hardware terminals
12Jiangsu Hoperun Software (润和软件)Software services
13Hillstone Networks (山石网科)Enterprise security
14Guangzhou Kingteller Tech (御银股份)inancial automation services equipment and software
15BoCloud (博云)IT/cloud computing
16Tongdun (同盾科技)Risk control
17Yusys Technologies (宇信科技)IT services
18Tatwah Smartech(达华智能)Smart hardware terminals
19Shenzhen Sunline Tech Co., (长亮科技)Software services
20PINTECH (品钛)Financial digitisation
21Cashway Fintech (恒银金融)Financial electronic products
22Getui (个推)Data services
23CloudWalk Technology (云从科技)Biometrics
24Hengbao Co., Ltd.( 恒宝股份)Smart hardware terminals
25GTCOM (中译语通)Voice recognition
26Bangsun Technology (邦盛科技)Anti-fraud technology
27All In Finance(通联金融服务)Bank card operations system outsourcing
28Sinodata Co. (中科金财)Solutions plan provider
29Lianlian Play (连连支付)Solutions plan provider
30Credit X (氪信科技)Systems
31H3C (新华三)IT services
32CIB Fintech (兴业数金)Cloud services
33Tansun (天阳科技)Software services
34DataVisor (维择科技)AI anti-fraud
35DeepGlint (格灵深瞳)Enterprise security
36Youshu (有数)Solutions plan provider
37Moresec (默安科技)Internet security, web security
38Tengjun Keji (腾梭科技)Financial digitisation
39AFA Finance (阿法金融)Robo-advisory
40Yihua (怡化)Smart hardware terminals
41Qi An Xin (奇安信)Enterprise security
42Global Infotech (高伟达)Data centre management/ cloud computing
43Guiji Zhineng (硅基智能)Machine vision and smart voice recognition
44Global Magnetic Card (环球磁卡)Smart hardware terminals
45Bairong Yunchuang (百融云创)Financial digitisation
46Joyin Tech (兆尹科技)Solutions plan provider
47China Chengxin Credit (中诚信征信)Credit
48Fuiou Pay (富友支付)Third party payments
49Hangzhou Xquant (衡泰软件)Software services
50HanSight (瀚思科技)Enterprise security
51Robot (零机科技)Fintech
52Tongfudun (通付盾)Financial digitisation
53Ahi Fintech (慧安金科)Anti-fraud technology
54Shengfulun (圣福伦)Smart hardware terminals
55DCFCS (融信云)Information technology outsourcing
56Hisign Technology (海鑫科金)Biometrics
57Beijing’an Botong (北京安博通)Enterprise security
58Elements Credit (元素征信)Big data credit
59Shanghai Amarsoft (安硕信息)Information services
604paradigm (第四范式)Artificial intelligence
61Agree Technology (赞同科技)Software services
62Grand Honor (高重科技)Enterprise security
63Pachira (普强信息)Voice recognition
64Iquantex (宽拓科技)Management
65Knownsec (知道创宇)Enterprise security
66Meng Zhi Yuan (梦之源)Software maintenance
67EThink Bank (银信博荣)Solutions plan providers
68Weirong Tech (维融科技)Financial device research and development
69Jinrui Finance (金瑞金融)Smart hardware terminals
70Trusfort (芯盾时代)Biometrics
71Weizhen Chuangyi (维珍创意)Smart hardware terminals
72 MicroPattern (微模式)Solutions plan providers
73Hehe Information Technology Devlopment (合合信息)OCR recognition technology
74Tianwei Integrity Electron (天威诚信)Electronic verification
75Dongxun Tech (东巽科技)Web security services
76Data Grand (达观数据)Smart text processing
77Zhiliao Beitiao (知了背调)Background checks
78iPS (环迅支付)Third party payments
79Huifu Tianxia (汇付天下)Payments services
80Feitian Technologies (飞天诚信)Smart hardware terminals
81Memect (文因互联)Smart investment and research
82Yipiaolian Zhifu (易票联支付)Third party payments
83Zhongchao Great Wall (中钞长城)Smart hardware terminals
84Lihong Finance (利宏金融)Solutions plan provider
85CPiaoju (云票据)Solutions plan provider
86Yinjie Dianzi (银捷电子)Robots
87Beijing Gridsum Technology Co., Ltd. (国双)Solutions plan provider
88Fnetlink (光联集团)IT services
89Tian Tianli (天添利)Smart hardware terminals
90Extreme Vision (极视角)Facial recognition
91Xin Wanbao (新万保)Smart hardware terminals
92PayEase (首信易支付)Online payments services
93Jiyuan Finance (极元金融)Financial outsources
94CBPM-KEBA Banknote Processing Technologies (中钞科堡)Smart hardware terminals
95Huafu Information (华付信息)Anti-fraud technology
96Liu He Keji (六和科技)Smart hardware terminals
97Tech-Puzzle (辰泰科技)Solutions plan provider
98Linghai Finance (凌海金融)Smart hardware terminals
99Tian Jia Finance (天甲金融)Smart hardware terminals
100Cheng He Finance (诚合金融)Smart hardware terminals

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