Sichuan Province Releases Blockchain Sector White Paper


The peak body for the blockchain sector in central China’s Sichuan province has just released a white paper on the state of regional industry.

The Sichuan Province Blockchain Association recently released the “Sichuan Province Blockchain Industry White Paper (2019)” (四川省区块链产业白皮书(2019年)) in conjunction with the Sichuan province economic and digitisation office.

According to the White Paper Sichuan province is currently host to 44 enterprises that specialise in the development of blockchain technology, including 35 that are headquartered in the provincial capital of Chengdu.

Data from Tianyancha (天眼查) indicates that as of 27 December 2019 Sichuan province was host to 365 enterprises whose business scope encompassed blockchain technology, including 298 in Chengdu, 13 in Deyang municipality, 11 in Guang’an and eight in Mianyang.

Only 14 of these enterprises were established five or more years ago, with 193 launched in the past one to five years, and 158 founded in just the past year.

Seven blockchain projects in Sichuan province have obtained approval for blockchain information services filing with the Cyperspace Administration of China.

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