Ant Financial Teams up with Vanguard Group to Provide Low-cost Fund Investment Advice


Fintech giant Ant Financial is working with the world’s biggest provider of mutual funds to make smart fund investment services more accessible to Chinese retail investors.

Ant Financial’s Alipay platform launched the fund investment advisory service “Bang Ni Tou” (Help You Invest) (帮你投) at the beginning of April.

Bang Ni Tou dramatically reduces the threshold for accessing fund advisory services, with a minimum investment level of just 800 yuan (approx. USD$112.00).

The fund advisory service was independently developed by Ant Financial in collaboration with the Vanguard Group – the world’s largest provider of mutual funds with over $5.3 trillion in assets under management.

Ant Financial says that “Bang Ni Tou” provides an innovative “100” wealth management services model which requires “1” minute to allocate investment recommendations, a near “0” threshold for purchase and “0” worry for investors.

The service provide risk assessments for all investments and provides recommended revenue targets on this basis, as well as proposed fund combinations.

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