2019 Bank Annual Report Ranks 19 Chinese A-list Lenders


Chinese financial news outlet Cebnet.com has just released its annual report on China’s banking sector.

The 2019 Bank Annual Report (2019银行年报) provides several rankings of 19 listed A-share banks in terms of total assets, net profits, net profit growth and non-performing loans.

Chinese banks ranked in terms of total assets as of 8 April 2020

No.BankTotal assets (trillion yuan)
2China Construction Bank25.44
3Agricultural Bank of China24.88
4Bank of China22.77
5Postal Savings Bank of China10.22
6Bank of Communications9.91
7Ping An Bank 8.22
8China Merchants Bank7.4172
9CITIC Bank6.7504
10China Minsheng Bank6.6818
11China Everbright Bank4.73
12Zheshang Bank1.8
13China Rural Commercial Bank1.0302
14Bank of Changsha0.601998
15Bank of Zhengzhou0.500478
16Bank of Qingdao0.373622
17 Bank of Suzhou0.343472
18Bank of Zijin0.201319
19Bank of Wuxi0.161912

Chinese banks ranked in terms of net profits as of 8 April 2020

No.BankNet profits (billion yuan)
2China Construction Bank266.733
3Agricultural Bank of China 212.924
4Bank of China187.405
5Ping An Bank132.955
6China Merchants Bank 92.867
7Bank of Communications 77.281
8Postal Savings Bank of China 61.036
9China Minsheng Bank53.813
10China CITIC Bank 48.015
11China Everbright Bank 37.441
12Zheshang Bank12.925
13Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank 9.988
14Bank of Changsha5.08
15Bank of Zhengzhou3.373
16Bank of Suzhou 2.473
17Bank of Qingdao2.285
18Bank of Zijin1.417
19Bank of Wuxi1.25

Chinese banks ranked in terms of YoY profit growth as of 8 April 2020

No. BankNet profit growth
1Postal Savings Bank of China16.52%
2China Merchants Bank 15.28%
3Bank of Qingdao14.3%
4Bank of Wuxi 14.07%
5Ping An Bank 13.6%
6Bank of Changsha 13.43%
7Bank of Zijin 13.03%
8Bank of Suzhou 12.79%
9Zheshang Bank12.48%
10China Everbright Bank 10.98%
11Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank 8.99%
12CITIC Bank 7.87%
13Bank of Zhengzhou 7.4%
14China Minsheng Bank 6.94%
15Agricultural Bank of China 5.08%
16Bank of Communications 4.96%
18China Construction Bank 4.74%
19Bank of China 4.06%

Chinese banks ranked in terms of non-performing loan ratios as of 8 April 2020

No. BankNon-performing loan ratio
1Postal Savings Bank of China0.86%
2China Merchants Bank 1.16%
3Bank of Wuxi 1.21%
4Bank of Changsha 1.22%
5Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank1.25%
6Bank of China 1.37%
7China Merchants Bank1.37%
8Agricultural Bank of China1.40%
9China Construction Bank 1.42%
11Bank of Communications1.47%
12Bank of Suzhou 1.53%
13China Everbright Bank 1.56%
14China Minsheng Bank 1.56%
15China CITIC Bank1.65%
16Ping An Bank 1.65%
17Bank of Qingdao 1.65%
18Bank of Zijin1.68%
19Bank of Zhengzhou2.37%

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