UnionPay Creates Unmanned Automated Supermarket Using QuickPass Payments App


Payments giant China UnionPay has used its QuickPass (云闪付) payments app to permit the creation of a convenience store in the Kunming province metro system that is fully automated and runs without staff.

Earlier this month UnionPay opened its first “QuickPay Touch-free Payments Experience Store” (云闪付无感支付体验店) (also referred to as the “QuickPay Unmanned Supermarket” (云闪付无人超市)) in the Yunnan province capital of Kunming.

Customers can enter the supermarket situated at the Beichen Station of Kunming’s no. 1 metro line by first scanning their mobile phones using the QuickPay app at a turnstile situated at the entrance to the store.

They can then make purchases from the shelves of the unmanned supermarket by using the QuickPay app, without the need for any interaction with human staff.


According to UnionPay the automated store makes use of image recognition, deep-learning, computer vision and sensors to rapidly identify the purchases of customers and perform automatic settlement via a touch-free smart payments system.

The QuickPay app has achieved strong popularity in China as a mobile payments product supported by domestic commercial banks, and currently has over 240 million domestic users.

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