Everbright’s Cloud Utilities Payments Platform Sees Users Exceed 200 Million in 2020 Following COVID-19 Outbreak


The cloud-based utilities payments platform launched by China Everbright Bank has seen users breach the 200 million threshold since the start of 2020.

As of the end of April its Everbright Yun Jiaofei (光大云缴费) (Everbright Cloud Fee Payments) platform had provided its services to 238 million customers in 2020, for a YoY rise of 20%, according to data provided by China Everbright Bank on 15 May.

Everbright said that this number of users makes Yun Jiaofei the largest cloud fee payments platform in China.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for cloud-based fee payments services in China in 2020, with Everbright expediting the release of its “social services fee payments mini-program,” as well as its other specialised services for payment of temporary license plates and property management fees.

Xu Changzhi (许长智), general manager of Everbright Yun Jiaofei Keji (光大云缴费科技公司), said that cloud-based fee payments had emerged as a key product for the Everbright Group.

“Over nearly the past two years main operations have seen annual compound growth of over 100%,” said Xu.

“At present Yun Jiaofei has already successfully incorporated over 8,000 fee payments initiatives, which in addition to utilities payments for areas including water, power, gas, landline television and heating, have also been extended to include areas such as healthcare, education, social welfare, tax, transit and property management.”

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