People’s Daily Calls for Suppression of “Political Virus,” Says Wuhan Lab is not Source of COVID-19


The flagship newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has hit out at the US political establishment’s handling Sino-US relations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An opinion piece entitled “Using the Spirit of Science to Suppress a Political Virus” (以科学精神抵制“政治病毒”) by Ren Ping (任 平) published by The People’s Daily on 18 May accuses “certain politicians in the United States of engaging in political manipulation, and repeatedly peddled fallacies in relation to the origins of the Novel Coronavirus.”

“[They] have completely disregarded basic common sense…this betrayal of the spirit of science, this politicisation of the pandemic, is currently eroding the cooperative foundations for global disease prevention.”

“The Novel Coronavirus is indeed terrifying, but what is even more ruinous than the Novel Coronavirus is a ‘political virus.'”

Ren hit out particular at speculation that the Novel Coronavirus emerged from a Wuhan laboratory.

“Some politicians in the United States have made haste to hurl accusations, tossing out claims like ‘Wuhan is the origin of the virus,’ and ‘the Novel Coronavirus originates from a lab in Wuhan,’ which have no scientific basis at all…throughout history the first location for reporting of a disease is often not its origin.”

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