Tencent’s WeBank Becomes First Chinese Lender to Convert to Made-in-China Core Database


China’s first digital bank is touting its migration from an X86 server to a domestically produced ARM server that uses Tencent’s TDSQL database solution.

Tencent Cloud’s independently developed Tencent Distributed SQL (TDSQL) database solution recently achieved mutual authentication with China’s domestically produced ARM servers, according to a report from the Chinese central bank’s official news outlet.

WeBank has since migrated its TDSQL databases from X86 servers to Made-in-China ARM servers, marking the first time that the core system databases of a Chinese bank have made full use of domestically produced software and hardware.

WeBank and Tencent Cloud’s TDSQL team commenced cooperation at the start of 2020, working on compilation and testing of a TDSQL version of its business system application that will work on an ARM server.

In April WeBank successfully transferred its intermediary business payment system from a X86 server to an ARM server, which according to reports has been operating stably ever since.

TDSQL is a comprehensive distributed database solution independently developed by Tencent, which is currently employed by more than 500 governmental and organisational clients on both public and private clouds.

WeBank is a Shen­zhen-based fin­tech com­pany that is Chi­na’s first pri­vately op­er­ated bank and in­ter­net bank, and was es­tab­lished on 16 De­cem­ber 2014 by Ten­cent in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Baiye Yuan (百业源) and Liye Group (立业集团).

WeBank has seen rapid growth over the past five years, with customers currently exceeding 200 million, necessitating continuous growth in the scale of its databases.

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