Alipay Establishes First Independent Search Division, Appoints Taobao Exec as Head


Chinese payments giant Alipay has launched its first ever independent search division in a bid to improve its search services.

Alipay recently implemented a round of internal organisational adjustments following the launch of upgraded software versions.

These adjustments include the establishment of Alipay’s first independent department for search operations, to be headed by Yuan Huaibin (袁怀宾), formerly chief supervisor of search products at Taobao.

According to tech analysts the establishment of an independent search department by Alipay signifies an upgrade in its strategic positioning, as well as an imminent upgrade of its search framework to focus more on AI and personalisation.

Alipay’s official data indicates that over the past year search has already become the core means by which users obtain mini-program services.

Yuan Haibin is a 12 year veteran of Alibaba, and was previously responsible for leading upgrades to the Taobao homepage.

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