Sinopharm Chairman Says COVID-19 Vaccine Has Proven Successful after Serving as Test Subject Himself


Sinopharm Group has hailed the safety and efficacy of a new COVID-19 vaccine after senior executives from the company served as trial subjects themselves.

Sinopharm subsidiary China Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (中国生物技术股份有限公司) announced on 29 May that Sinopharm chair Liu Jingzhen (刘敬桢) was one of 180 early volunteers who have received doses of a Novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccine.

According to Sinopharm senior executives from all four of its subsidiaries have also served as test subjects for the new vaccine.

Sinopharm said that preliminary testing indicated that the antibody levels of test subjects had reached levels sufficient to provide resistance to the Novel Coronavirus.

China Biotechnology said that its Wuhan Institute of Biological Products (武汉生物制品研究所) and Beijing Biological Preparations Institute (北京生物制品研究) had received approval for clinical trials of the Novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccine on 12 April and 27 April respectively, and that stage II of clinical testing had commenced at both institutes.

According to to Liu testing data fully proved that the vaccines were “safe and effective,” and no patients have yet shown signs of adverse effects.

Yang Xiaoming (杨晓明) said that Beijing Biological Preparations Institute had completed construction a vaccine production plant in Beijing in a period of just two months.

The new facility will satisfy biosafety level (BSL) 3 requirements and have an annual capacity of 100 – 120 million doses.

The Wuhan Institute of Biological Products has also commenced work on a vaccine production facility which is scheduled for completion prior to the end of June, and will bring China Biotechnology’s annual production to at least 200 million doses.

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