Investment in China’s Transportation Fixed Assets Rises 27% YoY in May


China saw a rise of over 25% in investment in transportation-related fixed assets in the month of May.

Figures from China’s Ministry of Transport indicate that transportation fixed asset investment totalled 343.3 billion yuan in May, for a YoY rise of 27.0%, and an acceleration of 8.9 percentage points compared to April.

Transportation investment totalled 1.0223 trillion yuan for the period from January to May, for a YoY rise of 0.9%, and the first positive. increase since the start of 2020.

As of 22 June the work resumption rate for key projects was 99.84%, while for highway and waterway transit companies it was 98.7%.

For passenger transport companies the work resumption rate was 98.0%, while for freight companies it was 99.6%

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