2020 China Fintech Innovation Grand Competition Awards Announced


The winners of the “2020 China Fintech Innovation Grand Competition” (2020中国金融科技创新大赛) have just been announced.

The 2020 Competition saw the submission of 97 entries by 48 commercial banks and 34 tech companies, with 78 entries subsequently receiving awards.

Initial selection involved the review committee assessing competition entrants on the basis of “innovation, effectiveness and classic example.”

Final selection saw online voting over an 11 day period, with nearly one million votes submitted in total.

The Competition was held by online news platform Cebnet.com.cn (中国电子银行网), which is under the China Financial Certification Authority (由中国金融认证中心).

Gold Prizes for Technological Innovation Applications

  • Bank of China – “Mobile Banking BOC Huitou Services” (手机银行 ‘中银慧投’服务);
  • Zheshang Bank – “Big Data Risk Management and Early Warning Platform” (大数据风险管理和预警平台);
  • Bank of Hangzhou – “A’walei’ Smart Sensor Decision-making Platform” (阿瓦雷智能感知决策平台);
  • Bank of Dalian – “Smart Risk Control System” (智能风控系统);
  • Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank – “Big Data Smart Scenario Sales” (大数据智慧场景营销);
  • Anhui Rural Credit – “Jinnong Cloud Data financial inclusion big data platform” (金农云数 普惠金融大数据平台);
  • Sichuan Rural Credit – “Finance+ industry application cloud services platform” (金融+ 行业应用云服务平台);
  • ChinaScope – “DAS – file data solution plan” (DAS – 文档数字化解决方案);
  • YunShan Networks – “Mixed cloud flow gathering and distribution platform” (混合云流量采集分发平台).

Gold Prizes for Integrated Smart Platforms

  • ICBC – “Mobile Bank 5.0” (手机银行50);
  • Postal Savings Bank of China – “YOU Life Software” (YOU生活软件);
  • JDD – “U Smart Investment Project” (U智投项目);
  • Ant Financial – Operations-driven IT restructuring (业务驱动IT重构).

Review Committee Recommendation Honours:

  • China Construction Bank – “Sense-free Payments” (无感支付);
  • China Everbight Bank – “Guangxintong Operations” (光信通业务);
  • China Minsheng Bank – “5G Mobile Banking” (5G手机银行);
  • China Merchants Bank Shenzhen Bank – “Cloud Lens Project” (云竟项目);
  • Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank – “Digitized Customer Tour Management” (数字化客户旅程管理);
  • Yillion Bank – “Yizhangtong – Rongtong System” (亿账通 – 融通系统);
  • JDD – “JT Squared Blockchain ABS Standardised Solution Plan” (JT2区块链ABS标准化解决方案);
  • OneConnect – “One Enterprise Bank Smart Assessment Platform” (壹企银智能审核平台);
  • Vzoom – “Credit Energising Micro-Small Enterprise Loan Solution Plan” (征信赋能小微企业信贷解决方案);
  • Licai Mofang – “Provision of standardised asset wealth management platform based on artificial intelligence” (基于人工智能提供标准化资产财富管理平台);
  • SinoSun Technology: “Bank-Enterprise Connect – scenario operations platform for public clients” (银企通 – 对公客户场景化运营服务平台).

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