Bank of Communications Enters Strategic Cooperative Agreement with Sichuan Big Data Centre


One of China’s big state-owned banks has entered a strategic agreement with a provincial big data provider, in a move which has been described as advancing integration between government affairs and finance.

The Sichuan Province Big Data Centre (四川省大数据中心) executed strategic cooperative agreements with a total of six province-level financial institutions on 1 July, including the Sichuan province branch of Bank of Communications (BOCOM).

The Strategic Agreement between the Big Data Centre and BOCOM has the goal of “advancing the establishment of a Sichuan digital government and servicing Sichuan digital economic development.”

The Agreement will focus in particular on the three areas of

  • Supporting province-wide digital economy development,
  • Driving in-depth integration of “Government Affairs + Finance,”
  • Driving integrated establishment of “Internet + Government Services.

The Sichuan Province Big Data Centre commenced operation on 19 July 2019, following widespread reform of Sichuan’s government institutions.

The Centre is a public benefit entity under the direct administration of the Sichuan Province People’s Government, and its main responsibilities include “driving the establishment of digital governance, servicing digital economic development, and overall digitisation of government departments.”

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