Three-year Survey Sheds Light on Property Holdings of China’s Rural Collectives


New data has shed light on the total scope and property holdings of rural collectives around China.

China has just completed a three year survey of the assets of China’s rural collectives, following the issuance of the State Council’s “Opinions Concerning Steadily Advancing Rural Collective Ownership System Reforms” (关于稳步推进农村集体产权制度改革的意见) in 2017.

According to the survey results of the end 2019 rural collectives in China had 6.55 billion mu in land (approx. 436 million hectares), while their assets on paper were worth 6.5 trillion yuan (approx. USD$930 billion).

Of these rural collective assets 3.4 trillion yuan were categorised as “non-productive assets,” or 52.6% of the total, while 3.1 trillion yuan were productive (47.4%).

Rural collectives have 3.1 trillion yuan in fixed assets, of which 2/3 is non-productive, and used for education, healthcare and other public services.

The survey data was compiled from information submitted online by rural collectives in 5695 counties, 602,000 villages and 2.385 million countryside teams.

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