Cyperspace Administration of China Steps up Artificial Intelligence Ambitions with Development of New Standards


The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has flagged greater ambitions for the development of the Chinese artificial intelligence sector with plans to draft a raft of new industry standards.

On 7 August CAC issued the “National Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Standards System Development Guidelines” (国家新一代人工智能标准体系建设指南), for the purpose of “strengthening top-level design of artificial intelligence-sphere standards and driving technological research and development and standards formulation for the artificial intelligence sector.”

By 2021 CAC hopes to “confirm the top-level design of AI standardisation, research the development of a standardisation system and standardised research general plan, clarify the relationships between standards, and guide the orderly development of artificial intelligence standardisation work.”

CAC also hopes to “complete key standardisation preliminary research work for 20 items, including key general use technology and theory.”

By 2023 CAC envisages the “initial establishment of an AI standardisation system, with the focused research and development of urgently needed standards for data, algorithms, systems and services.”

CAC wants China to lead promotion of these standards in the areas of manufacturing, transit, finance, aged care, environmental protection, education, healthcare and the judiciary, and establish an “artificial intelligence standardised testing verification platform to provide public service capability.”

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