JD.Com’s Fintech Subsidiary Adds Content Communities and Search Function to Flagship App


The fintech subsidiary of e-commerce giant JD.com has announced that it has added content communities and search functions to the upgraded version of its flagship app.

JDD (京东数字科技集团) launched the upgraded version of its JD Finance (京东金融) app on 18 August in Beijing.

Xie Miansheng (谢锦生), vice-president at JDD, said that the biggest change of the upgraded app was the addition of a new content sharing community – the “Peanut Community” (花生社区).

According to JDD the Peanut Community has already invited economists, fund managers, investment managers and financial analysts to participate, and will involve content sharing in the form of visuals, short videos, Q&A’s, direct broadcasts and groups.

These experts will provide financial advice, wealth management product analysis, insurance product descriptions and personal investment stories to users.

The upgraded version of the JD Finance app also provides a new search function, that is capable of searching for available information on existing financial products, “in order to help users overcome the problem of information asymmetries.”

JDD said that this will create a better basis for investors to make their decisions by providing a “crowd click interaction model.”

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