Ant Group Launches Data Sciences Company in Guangxi, Two Tech Subsidiaries in Hangzhou


Chinese fintech giant Ant Group has launched a new data sciences company in the south-western province of Guangxi, as well as two new tech subsidiaries in the Zhejiang province capital of Hangzhou.

Ant (Guangxi) Data Sciences Co., Ltd. (蚂蚁(广西)数字科技有限公司) was established by Ant Group on 13 August with registered capital of 100 million yuan, according to data from China’s official enterprise registration system.

Ant Group subsidiary Ant Financial Services (Hangzhou) Web Technology Co., Ltd. (蚂蚁金服(杭州)网络技术有限公司) is the full owner of Ant Data Sciences, while Hu Xiaoming (胡晓明) is its legal representative and executive director, and Wang Lijuan (王丽娟) is its general manager.

The business scope of Ant Data Sciences includes technological services, technological development, technological consulting and technological transfer, as well as data processing services, data storage and support services, advertising, and social and economic consulting services.

Industry insiders said at the start of the year that Ant Group had plans to either establish a new data sciences company, or integrate the financial operations of several of its ancillary fintech platforms.

13 August also saw Ant Group establish two new companies in Hangzhou – Hangzhou Rongjin Data Sciences Co., Ltd. (杭州融津数字科技有限公司) and Hangzhou Ningrong Technology Co., Ltd. (杭州宁融科技有限公司).

Hangzhou Rongjin has registered capital of 60 million yuan, and its legal representative is Li Xiaojun (李小军), while Hangzhou Ningrong has registered capital of 10 million yuan, and its legal representative is Chen Zhijie (陈志杰).

Both companies are fully owned by Ant Group, and designated as tech promotion and application service sector firms.

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