Beijing Flags Creation of Nationwide Big Data Platform for Combatting Fraud


China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has flagged the creation of a nationwide big data platform for the purpose of combating fraud.

MIIT recently issued the “Work Plan Concerning the Establishment of a Long-term Effective Mechanism for Using Big Data to Drive Prevention and Handling of the Telecommunications Network Fraud” (关于运用大数据推进防范治理电信网络诈骗长效机制建设工作方案).

The Plan calls for the “use of big data anti-fraud methods to continue to raise the level of regulation and monitoring using big data technology.”

Three key work requirements outlined by the Plan include:

  1. Establishing and improving a unified resource database for Internet anti-fraud data and an Internet anti-fraud platform, as well as expanding the scope of data collection. Create functionality for uncovering clues and tracking sources, and achieve effective measures for assessing and disposing of IP’s, domain names and apps involved in fraud.
  2. Launch province-level anti-fraud big data platform trials, and raise the local ability to use big data for fraud prevention. Gradually establish an anti-fraud big data platform of nationwide scope.
  3. Undertake research into anti-fraud big data technology standards, research and formulate a framework for telecommunications network fraud management standards, and drive the unveiling of urgently needed standards.

Other measures include strengthening regulation of industry sources, as well as systems for advance prevention, trust management, ensuring accountability and assessment of effectiveness.

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