Chinese Central Bank to Develop Gui’an Data Centre in Guizhou Province


The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has just executed an agreement for the launch of a new data centre in the Gui’an New District of the Guizhou province capital of Guiyang.

On 18 August the official agreement for the PBOC Gui’an Data Centre was executed in Beijing in the company of senior officials from PBOC, as well as Zhao Deming (赵德明), the party secretary for Guiyang municipality, and Tan Jiong (谭炯), deputy-governor of Guizhou province.

The PBOC Gui’an Data Centre is categorised as a “high-security, comprehensive function data centre,” and a key node in the Chinese central bank’s data system.

PBOC said that the data centre will be a vital component of its “financial digitisation development strategy” and emerge as a “key front for digitisation and Internet security work.”

PBOC deputy-governor Fan Yifei (范一飞) said that data centres are a key form of information infrastructure, and the “nerve centre” for the operation of the economy and society, as well as the “priority of priorities” when it came to Internet security.

“The Gui’an District possesses excellent positional advantages and resource conditions, and is of benefit to the establishment of a high-security data centre by PBOC, and of assistance to raising the security level of the financial sector,” said Fan.

“We hope that PBOC and Gui’an New District can jointly explore the path of ‘new infrastructure’ that suits the financial sector and local economic development.”

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