China Launches Global Data Security Initiative


The Chinese central government has launched a new initiative to shore up global data and information security.

Wang Yi (王毅), Chinese foreign minister and State Council member, said at the Global Digital Governance Forum on 8 September that China’s launch of the “Global Data Security Initiative” (全球数据安全倡议) followed its participation in data security discussions with members of the United Nations, the G20, the BRIC nations and ASEAN.

The main contents of the Initiative include:

  1. Objective and rational treatment of data security, striving to maintain the openness, security and stability of global supply chains.
  2. Opposing the use of information technology to ruin the key infrastructure of other nations or steal important data.
  3. Adopting measures to prevent and stymie conduct which infringes personal information. Prohibition on the abuse of information technology to conduct large-scale monitoring of other countries, or illegally gather the personal information of the citizens of other countries.
  4. Requiring that companies respect local laws, and banning the mandatory requirement that companies from a given country store data produced or obtained abroad within such country.
  5. Respecting the sovereignty, jurisdiction and data management rights of other nations, and banning the direct retrieval of the data of enterprises or individuals situated in other countries.
  6. Use of judicial assistance and other channels to resolve the enforcement of cross-border data retrieval demands.
  7. Companies that supply information technology products and services shall not establish backdoors in products or services or illegally obtain user data.
  8. Information technology companies cannot use the dependence of customers on products to obtain inappropriate profits.

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