Alibaba Establishes Cloud Native Technical Committee


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has announced the launch of a new committee to drive the development of cloud native computing technology.

Alibaba announced the launch of the Cloud Native Technical Committee (云原生技术委员会) on 18 September 2020 at its annual Yunqi Conference in Hangzhou.

The Committee will be headed by Alibaba senior researcher Jiang Jiangwei (蒋江伟), with the participation of key Alibaba tech executives including:

  • Li Feifei (李飞飞), chief scientist for the Damo Academy Database,
  • Jia Yangqing (贾扬清), senior researcher for the Alibaba Cloud Computing Platform;
  • Ding Yu (丁宇), researcher with the Alibaba Cloud Native Applications Platform.

Analysts say that move signifies the elevation of cloud native upgrades to the position of a new strategic theme.

Jiang Jiangwei said that the Committee will drive the comprehensive use of cloud native computing throughout the Alibaba economy.

According to Jiang cloud native implementation by Alibaba over the past decade had achieve a 30% rise in R&D efficiency and a 30% reduction in IT costs for companies, helping clients to enter the Digital Native Era.

In 2009 Alibaba first brought its core middleware system online, and in 2011 commenced the use of container scheduling technology for its Taobao and Tmall platforms, as well all launched its independently developed cloud native Shenlong server and PolarDB cloud native database.

By the Double 11 Holiday in 2019, 100% of Alibaba’s core e-commerce systems had transitioned to the cloud, making it the world’s largest cloud native system.

Alibaba says that it currently has China’s largest cloud native product line and open source ecosystem, providing over 100 products including native bare metal servers, cloud native data bases, databases, data lakes, containers, micro services and Dev Ops, covering sectors including administration, retail, education and healthcare.

A report released by Gartner in 2020 indicates that Alibaba’s cloud containers ranked first internationally amongst a selection of nine different products.

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