Chinese Central Bank Announces Bank Tech Development Awards for 2019


The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) publicly announced the recipients of its “2019 Bank Technology Development Awards” (2019年度银行科技发展奖获奖项目) on 30 September.

A total of 182 fintech projects from 2019 received awards from the Chinese central bank, with some of the leading projects including:

No. CompanyFintech project
1NetsUnion Clearing CorporationNon-bank payments organisation online payments and settlement platform
2ICBCDistributed technology system development project
3China Construction BankSmart administration integrated services platform
4Bank of China“e Qiying” (e 企赢) global enterprise ecosystem development project
5Shenzhen Qianhai WeBankApplication of Kunpeng chip to banking
6China Everbright BankSmart cloud life ecosystem project
7Agricultural Bank of China Full stack development platform
8ICBC and the Hebei Xiong’an New Dstrict Regulatory CommissionDigital Xiong’an Ecosystem Development Project
9China Minsheng BankPayments system distributed framework development
10China Development BankChina Development Bank integrated applications platform
11PBOC Digital Currency Research InstituteDesign and implementation of statutory digital currency two-layer system