China Launches 11 New Bases for Development of Hi-tech Sector, Beijing Designated as AI Centre


The Chinese central government has announced the launch of nearly a dozen new hubs around the country for the development of hi-tech industries.

On 13 October the Ministry of Science and Technology released the “Notice Concerning Confirmation of 2020 State Hi-tech Industrialisation Bases” (科技部关于认定2020年国家高新技术产业化基地的通知), outlining a total of 11 new regional centres for the tech sector.

The list includes:

  1. The Beijing Economic and Technology Development Zone State Artificial Intelligence Hi-tech Industrialisation Base,
  2. The Zouping State High-end Aluminium Hi-tech Industrialisation Base,
  3. The Changsha State Automobile Spare Parts Hi-tech Industrialisation Base,
  4. The Pingdingshan State Nylon New Materials Hi-tech Industrialisation Base,
  5. The Taicang State Automobile Core Parts Hi-tech Industrialisation Base,
  6. The Shanxi Transitional Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone State Smart Manufacturing Hi-tech Industrialisation Base,
  7. The Liuyang State Re-manufacturing Hi-tech Industrialisation Base,
  8. The Lanzhou New District State Equipment Manufacturing Hi-tech Industrialisation Base,
  9. The Tongnan State Smart Terminal Hi-tech Industrialisation Base,
  10. The Suining State Foundation Electronic Components Hi-tech Industrialisation Base,
  11. The Yueyang Harbour State Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Hi-tech Industrialisation Base.

The Notice said that regional science and technologies authorities need to strengthen guidance and support for the development of these bases; actively cultivate micro, small and medium-sized tech enterprises, and expedite the coordinated development of hi-tech industry clusters, in order for the bases to become key supports for regional economic development.

At the same time regional bases will implement development plans and implementation frameworks, drive the integration and sharing of resources, and establish tech innovation shared service platforms.