Bank of Chengdu Launches New “Cloud Converted” Data Centre, Provides AI Customer Service in Sichuanese Dialect


Sichuanese province lender Bank of Chengdu has announced the launch of a new “cloud converted” data centre.”

Bank of Chengdu’s “next generation data centre” officially commenced operation on 22 November, and has already provided data services for the bank’s mobile banking offerings, its Sichuanese dialect smart customer service system, and the development of open banking services.

A Bank of Chengdu tech executive said that that the Centre would provide data processing for ten key operational areas including digitised customer analysis, sales channels and risk control.

“At the same time that we connect with and make contact with clients, we can better understand their needs, and use technology to continually drive financial operations growth.”

The Centre adopts an SDN network architecture to decouple the server from the connection area, achieving flexible allocation of computing resources and reducing energy consumption, as well as achieving automatic deployment of basic networks.

Construction work on the project commenced in October 2017, and the Centre was built in accordance with the latest international T3+ standards as well as China’s state-level A server room standards.