Beijing Unveils Third Round of Projects for Its Fintech Sandbox


Beijing’s municipal government has announced the third round of projects for its fintech sandbox that was first launched at the start of 2020.

The third batch of five projects for the Beijing Fintech Innovation Regulatory Trial Applications (北京金融科技创新监管试点应用) was announced on 25 December, all of which involve the participation of Chinese banking sector financial institutions.

These projects include:

1“Guangxintong” blockchain industry financial servicesFinancial servicesChina Everbright Bank
2“Jianjie Loan” productFinancial servicesAgricultural Bank of China
3Internet of Thing-based financing services for small and medium-sized enterprisesFinancial servicesChina Minsheng Bank
Beijing Yifeng Jinke (北京逸风金科)
4Blockchain-based supply chain based finance platformTech productBeijing Ronghe Cloud Chain Keji Co., Ltd. (北京逸风金科)
Ping An Bank
5API-based productTech productThe Beijing branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
Sinodata (北京中科金财)

The move comes after Beijing unveiled a second batch of 11 trial projects for its fintech sandbox in August.

PBOC an­nounced the launch of Chi­na’s first fin­tech sand­box trial in Bei­jing in early Jan­u­ary 2020, af­ter first ap­prov­ing the scheme in De­cem­ber 2019.

At least nine Chi­nese cities have obtained approval to conduct fin­tech sand­box tri­als, in­clud­ing Bei­jing, Shang­hai, Chongqing, Shen­zhen, Xiong’an New Dis­trict, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Chengdu. 

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