China’s Outbound Foreign Direct Investment Doubles During 13th Five Year Plan


Foreign investment made by China saw a sharp increase during the period of its 13th Five Year Plan which ran from 2016 to 2020.

China’s outbound foreign direct investments exceeded USD$2.3 trillion yuan as of the end of 2020, for a doubling compared to the figure at the end of 2015, according to data released by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) on 29 January.

In 2020 China’s outbound foreign direct investment amount was $132.94 billion, for YoY growth of 3.3%, putting it first in the world ahead of the United States.

Chinese investment in Belt and Road nations totalled $17.79 billion in 2020, for a YoY rise of 18.3%, accounting for 16.2% of China’s outbound foreign investment.