China to Create 30 “Fully 5G Connected Factories” over Next Three Years as Industrial Internet of Things Enters Rapid Growth Phase


The Chinese central government has issued a new industry plan to drive the development of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) over the next several years.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently issued the “Industrial Internet of Things Innovation Development Plan (2021 – 2023)” (工业互联网创新发展行动计划(2021-2023年)), outlining key policy work for the upcoming three years.

The plan proposes the establishment of 5 state-level IIoT demonstration bases, the launch of 10 “5G+ IIoT” integrated application pilots zones, and the creation of 30 “Fully 5G connected factories” across 10 key industries.

With regard to infrastructure development, the Plan calls for the “implementation of Internet system strong foundation campaigns, driving IIoT connectivity projects, and driving the in-depth integration of IT and OT networks.”

The Plan also outlines 11 key campaigns and 10 key projects, with a focus on “resolving in-depth difficulties and pain points for the development of the IIoT, and driving the digitisation of industry and the industrialisation of digital.”

“The upcoming three years will be a rapid-growth period for the Industrial Internet of Things,” said a MIIT spokesperson.

“The integrated application of IIoT is different from the innovative application of the Internet – the main battlefield for the IIoT is the real economy, and in particular the industrial sphere.

“This requires that the IIoT be closely integrated with the technologies, knowledge and experiences of various industries and areas.”