Bank of China Appointed Liu Jin, Former Head of China Everbright Bank, as President


Bank of China (BOC) has announced the appointment of a veteran of China’s state-owned and joint-stock banking sector to the position of president.

BOC plans to appoint Liu Jin (刘金), former president of China Everbright Bank, to the positions of deputy party secretary, deputy chair and bank president, according to sources speaking to National Business Daily.

The appointment follows the departure of previous BOC president Wang Jiang (王江), who held the position from December 2019 to January 2021. Wang was appointed president of state-owned lender China Construction Bank (CCB) in February 2021.

Liu Jin was born in 1967 and hold a degree in English language and literature from the University of Shandong, as well as a PhD in literature.

He is considered to be a leading economist in Chinese banking circles, and has many years of experience working for the state-owned banking sector both within China and abroad.

Liu previously served as head of the London representative office of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the head of the international operations department of its Shandong branch, and the deputy-chair and executive chair of ICBC Europe.

Liu was also the general manager of ICBC’s investment banking department, and the president of its Jiangsu province branch.

In January 2019 Liu was appointed deputy party secretary and president of joint-stock lender China Everbright Bank.

Liu’s appointment as head of BOC coincides with the appointment of Liao Lin (廖林), a three decade veteran of CCB, as president of ICBC, which is the world’s biggest lender in terms of assets.

The current chair of BOC is Liu Liange (刘连舸), while it also has three deputy-presidents – Wang Wei (王纬), Lin Jingzhen (林景臻) and Zheng Guoyu (郑国雨).

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