China’s Banking Authority Shakes up Senior Leadership, Retires Two Members and Appoints Xiaoyuan Qi as New Deputy Chair


The Chinese central government has appointed a new deputy chair to the country’s top banking authority following the retirement of two senior leaders.

On 4 March the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) added Xiao Yuanqi (肖远企) as deputy-chairman to the roster of senior-most leaders on its official website.

Retiring deputy-chairs Huang Hong (黄洪) and Zhu Shumin (祝树民) were removed from the roster, leaving CBIRC with a total of four deputy-chairs including:

  • Cao Yu (曹宇)
  • Zhou Liang (周亮)
  • Liang Tao (梁涛)
  • Xiao Yuanqi (肖远企).

Guo Shuqing (郭树清) is currently the chairman of CBIRC, following his appointment as chair of its predecessor, the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), in 2017.

Xiao Yuanqi previously served as CBIRC’s chief risk officer and spokesperson. Xiao was born in Hunan province in 1966, and is a graduate of the Graduate School of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), being the Chinese central bank.

Xiao first joined PBOC in 1990, and has worked abroad in both the US and Australia for a period of nearly five years. Since 2003 he has held various positions with CBRC and its successor organisation CBIRC.