Xi Jinping Calls for China to Become “Global Scientific Hub” and “Innovation High Ground”


President Xi Jinping has called for China to raise its scientific and innovation ambitions in an essay published by the leading theoretical journal of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“Science and technology have never before had such a deep influence upon the prospects and fate of nations as they do today,” wrote Xi in an essay entitled “Striving to Become a Major Global Science Hub and Innovation High Ground” (努力成为世界主要科学中心和创新高地) that was published by Qiushi on 15 March.

“If China wants to prosper and undergo a renaissance, then it definitely must vigorously develop science and technology and endeavour to become a major global scientific hub and innovation high ground.”

The essay called for “comprehensively gathering human talent” and “focusing on consolidation of the human resource foundations of innovative development.”

“The path of innovation can only be pursued by means of people…[China] needs assessment mechanisms for innovative talent, and accelerated formation of training mechanisms, usage mechanisms, incentive mechanisms and competitive mechanisms that benefit the development of human talent.”