Tencent Launches 4th Generation Big Data Platform


Chinese Internet giant Tencent has just unveiled its new independently developed 4th-generation big data platform, amidst a broader drive within China for the development of “new infrastructure.”

Tencent officially launched the “Tencent Big Data Tiangong” (腾讯大数据-天工) platform on 18 April at the Tencent Big Data Summit.

The Chinese Internet company bills the platform as a “4th generation data and intelligence integrated platform” (第四代数智融合计算平台) which “further integrates big data and artificial intelligence technology.”

“As a major component of new infrastructure, the big data sector is set to welcome a new phase of development,” said Jiang Jie (蒋杰), general manager of Tencent’s big data platform department.

“The launch of this fourth generation data and intelligence integrated platform will use secure methods to connect data islands, gather together the data of multiple parties, and employ a unified data processing engine to more effectively mine data value.”

Jie also highlighted the platform’s ability to “employ smart methods to drive an integrated data processing closed-circuit, to set firm foundations for the digitisation, smart conversion and upgrade of developers, enterprises and government.”