Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen Top List of China’s Leading Fintech Centres


A new report on China’s leading fintech hubs puts the national capital of Beijing at the apex.

The China Fintech Ignition Index Report (2021) (中国金融科技燃指数报告(2021)) was jointly released on 24 April by the People’s Daily, the Institute of Finance and Banking at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the National Institution for Finance & Development.

The Report’s rankings of China’s top cities for the domestic fintech sector put Beijing in top spot, followed by Shanghai in second place and Shenzhen in third. Hangzhou came in fourth place, followed by Guangzhou in fifth.

Central and western China saw a number of cities post a strong performance, including Chengdu in eighth place, Xi’an in 10th place, Hefei in 12th place, Chongqing in 13th place, Changsha in 14th place and Zhengzhou in 17th place.

Top 10 Chinese Fintech Hubs as Ranked by the China Fintech Ignition Index Report for 2021

  1. Beijing
  2. Shanghai
  3. Shenzhen
  4. Hangzhou
  5. Guangzhou
  6. Nanjing
  7. Wuhan
  8. Chengdu
  9. Suzhou
  10. Xi’an