Financial Street Holding Plans 1.13 Billion Yuan Issue of 5-Year Corporate Bonds with Coupon Rate of 3.10 – 4.10%


Shenzhen-listed Financial Street Holding (金融街控股股份有限公司) has announced its second issue of corporate bonds for 2021.

Financial Street plans to raise 1.13 billion yuan via an issue off 5-year corporate bonds with coupon rates of between 3.10 – 4.10%. The bonds will come with the option for investors to sell back at the end of the third year, at which point the issuer will have the option to adjust the coupon rate.

The abbreviation of the bond is 21 Jinjie 02 (21金街02), and the bond code is 149473. The lead underwriter, bond trustee and bookkeeping manager for the issue is China Securities (中信建投证券).

Proceeds from the issue will be used to repay 1.23 billion yuan in outstanding corporate bonds that are maturing or subject to put options.