Bank of China Teams up with Forbes Magazine to Launch New List of Top International Schools


A big state-owned bank in China is teaming up with one of America’s most prestigious business publications to provide a new list of leading international schools.

Bank of China (BOC) and Forbes have announced that they are preparing a list of top international schools, as part of broader efforts to help Chinese students intent on eventually studying abroad.

The list will be released on 28 May at the 2021 Forbes China International Education Forum that will be held in Shanghai. BOC is the event’s exclusive strategic partner from the banking sector.

China is currently the world’s largest source of international students, with the number of Chinese students seeking to study abroad breaching the 700,000 threshold in 2019.

The number of international schools operating in China has increased by around 10% per annum over the past decade to reach over 1,000.

BOC said that it had made use of “traditional advantages in cross-border finance to provide financial and non-financial services to over half of China’s overseas students and their families.”