Ant Group’s Blockchain Subsidiary to Immortalise Top Scorer’s Performance at UEFA EURO 2020 After Entering Five Year Global Partnership


Ant Group’s blockchain vehicle will be responsible for permanent recording of the top scorer’s performance at the Union of European Football Association’s (UEFA) 2020 competition.

AntChain will upload the match records for the top scorer at UEFA EURO 2020 to the blockchain for permanent storage for the first time, after entering a five-year global partnership with UEFA to become its official global blockchain partner.

AntChain has already used the blockchain to store the match records of outstanding competitors in youth football in China, via Alipay’s Campus Top Scorer Incentive Programme.

The top scorer at UEFA EURO 2020 will also receive the “Alipay Top Scorer” trophy, which is sculpted in the shape of the Chinese character “zhi” (支) – a term in Chinese that can mean both “payment” as well as “support.”