Ping An Bank Makes Mutual Fund Products Available via Mobile Banking App


Ping An Bank has just launched a new “bank-fund open platform” (银基开放平台) with a slew of leading fund companies in China, making mutual fund products available via its mobile banking app.

The new platform can be accessed via the “Publicly Offered Fund” (公募基金) section of the “Ping An Pocket Bank” (平安口袋银行) app, providing clients with access to products provided by asset management companies including E Fund Management (易方达), China Universal (汇添富), Zhong Ou AMC (中欧基金), Yinhua Fund Management (银华), GF Fund Management (广发) and Ping An Fund (平安基金).

At a press conference held on 17 June, Ping An Bank said that the new bank-fund open platform was a major innovation in wealth management services, and would transform traditional sales channels by using technology to connect banks, fund companies and customers.

“The entry of fund companies into the bank-fund open platform can directly connect with existing customers and potential customers.”