Lenovo Enters Partnership with China Minsheng Bank to Develop New Fintech Ecosystem


Tech giant Lenovo has entered a partnership with a leading Chinese lender for the creation of a “new fintech ecosystem.”

Lenovo and China Minsheng Bank executed a strategic cooperative agreement at the Lenovo Future Centre in Beijing’s Haidian district on 24 June.

In an official statement the two parties said that the agreement marked the launch of a “comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.”

“The two parties will engage in coordinated innovation, continue to unleash the development impetus of fintech, and further raise fintech levels in areas including the development of a ‘Finance + Industrial Internet + Internet of things’ ecosystem; artificial intelligence laboratories and their applications and the development of data centres.”

Lenovo and China Minsheng Bank also said that they planned to explore the development of a new “finance + technology” ecosystem.