Digital Renminbi Used to Incentivise Physical Activity by Pedestrians in Xiong’an New Area


The Xiong’an New Area in Hebei province has launched trials to incentivise physical exercise on the part of local citizens by means of the Digital Renminbi.

The trials allow local users of the free “Xiong’an Walk” (雄安行) app to accumulate points by walking while carrying their smart devices, with their movements tracked via the use of GPS technology.

Each step taken is equal to one point, with every 20,000 points accumulated by users making them eligible for one “red packet” (the traditional Chinese gift-giving package) containing 50 yuan in the Digital Renminbi. Individual users are permitted to obtain up to four packets of Digital Renminbi, which can be used for consumer purchases at over 1000 designated local retailers as well as with the Meituan ride-hailing app.

The trials commenced on 1 July, and are being jointly held by the Xiong’an New Area Committee in collaboration with the Shijiazhuang branch of the Chinese central bank. Under the scheme a total of 60,000 “red packets” will be issued to active pedestrians, for a total sum of 3 million yuan.

Local authorities said that the scheme is intended to encourage municipal residents to engage in “green transport,” and “create the concept of a green city with a healthy lifestyle atmosphere.”

“Xiong’an New Area has created an innovative special activity zone that is based on the Xiong’an Walk app, and allows people to exchange their footsteps for red packets.

“Members of the public in the Xiong’an New Area can use the Xiong’an Walk app and Bank of Communications mobile bank to register for the activity.”