China Banking Association Issues List of Top 100 Lenders


China’s peak body for the banking sector has issued a new list of the country’s top 100 lenders.

The China Banking Association (CBA) recently released its “2021 China Banking Sector Top 100 List” (2021年中国银行业100强榜单) – the sixth such ranking issued by CBA.

The list ranks China’s banks based on they core tier-1 capital, as well as profitability, operations efficiency and asset quality figures from their annual results.

According to CBA China’s top 100 banks account for 90.04% of the Chinese banking sector’s assets, as well as 97.15% of its net profits.

CBA’s list of the top 100 banks in China for 2021 included the big six state-owned banks, 12 national joint-stock commercial banks, 61 municipal commercial banks, 20 rural village commercial banks and one privately operated bank.

Banks on the list had 16.702706 trillion yuan in core tier-1 capital, for a YoY rise of 8.02%.

China’s Top 100 Banks in 2021 According to CBA

  1. ICBC
  2. China Construction Bank
  3. Agricultural Bank of China
  4. Bank of China
  5. Bank of Communications
  6. China Merchants Bank
  7. Postal Savings Bank of China
  8. Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.
  9. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
  10. China CITIC Bank
  11. China Minsheng Bank
  12. China Everbright Bank
  13. Pingan Bank
  14. Huaxia Bank
  15. Bank of Beijing
  16. China Guangfa Bank
  17. Bank of Shanghai
  18. Bank of Jiangsu
  19. Zheshang Bank
  20. Bank of Ningbo
  21. Bank of Nanjing
  22. Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank
  23. Bank of Bohai
  24. Shengjing Bank
  25. Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
  26. Huishang Bank
  27. Hengfeng Bank
  28. Beijing Rural Commercial Bank
  29. Bank of Hangzhou
  30. Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank
  31. Xiamen International Bank
  32. Bank of Jinzhou
  33. Bank of Tianjin
  34. Bank of Harbin
  35. Zhongyuan Bank
  36. Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank
  37. Bank of Guangzhou
  38. Bank of Chengdu
  39. Bank of Guiyang
  40. Bank of Changsha
  41. Bank of Jilin
  42. Bank of Zhengzhou
  43. Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank
  44. Bank of Chongqing
  45. Bank of Guizhou
  46. Bank of Jiangxi
  47. Bank of Kunlun
  48. Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank
  49. Bank of Gansu
  50. Bank of Sichuan
  51. Bank of Suzhou
  52. Shundu Rural Commercial Bank
  53. Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank
  54. Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank
  55. Bank of Hebei
  56. Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank
  57. Bank of Jiujiang
  58. Bank of Dalian
  59. Bank of Hubei
  60. Bank of Xi’an
  61. Huarong Xiangjiang Bank
  62. Bank of Dongguan
  63. Hangzhou United Bank
  64. Bank of Qingdao
  65. Bank of Luoyang
  66. Bank of Lanzhou
  67. Bank of Qilu
  68. Bank of Guilin
  69. Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank
  70. Guangdong Nanhai Rural Commercial Bank
  71. Shenzhen Qianhai WeBank
  72. Bank of Jinshang
  73. Bank of Hankou
  74. Mengshang Bank
  75. Bank of Langfang
  76. Bank of Taizhou
  77. Fudian Bank
  78. Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank
  79. Bank of Xiamen
  80. Guangdong Nanyue Bank
  81. Weihai Municipal Commercial Bank
  82. Guangxi Beibuwan Bank
  83. Changsha Rural Commercial Bank
  84. Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank
  85. Sichuan Tianfu Bank
  86. Longjiang Bank
  87. Bank of Chang’an
  88. Bank of Tangshan
  89. Zhuhai Huarun Bank
  90. Guangdong Huaxing Bank
  91. Chongqing Sanxia Bank
  92. Bank of Zhangjiakou
  93. Foshan Rural Commercial Bank
  94. Bank of Wenzhou
  95. Xiaoshan Rural Commercial Bank
  96. Bank of Liuzhou
  97. Tianjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank
  98. Bank of Urumqi
  99. Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank
  100. Zijin Rural Commercial Bank


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