Beijing Financial Court Launches Fintech Legal Research Centre


Beijing’s specialised court for the hearing of financial cases has teamed up with a slew of other authorities to create a research institute for fintech-related legal matters.

The Beijing Financial Court (北京金融法院) launched the “Beijing Fintech Legal Research Centre” (金融科技法治研究中心) on 22 July in collaboration with several other think tanks and authorities.

The co-founders of the Centre include the legal research institute and the international legal research institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS); the Beijing Financial Street Services Bureau (北京金融街服务局) and the Administrative Committee of the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park.

The purpose of the new research centre is to “further drive improvements to fintech rule of law and optimise the financial legal environment.”

The co-founders of the centre signed an agreement to undertake cooperation in areas including:

  • Research into fintech compliance standards.
  • Expanding financial compliance tech applications.
  • Holding of fintech legal forums.
  • Disseminating fintech legal knowledge.
  • Resolution of and research into international financial and international commercial disputes.
  • Exploring innovations in financial regulatory models.
  • Research into financial big data.
  • Research into key financial cases.
  • Publication of standard financial cases.

Li Yanhong (李艳红), deputy chief of the Beijing Financial Court, said that the goal of the establishment of the centre is to “strengthen exchange and cooperation between judicial authorities, administrative bodies and scientific research units; deepen fintech legal research and drive fintech legal advances.”

“The research centre will strive to establish a research high ground for innovation in fintech legal theory and practice; a base for the development of fintech legal experts and backbone judicial personnel, and a frontline for cooperation and exchange in the field of international financial law.”