Baidu Invests 1.5B Yuan in New Data Subsidiary


Chinese tech giant Baidu has invested over USD$230 million in the launch of a new tech company that focuses on big data applications.

Baidu Data Tech (Zhangjiakou) Co., Ltd. (百度数据科技(张家港)有限公司) was recently established with registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan (approx. USD$231.38 million), according to figures from Tianyancha.

The company’s legal representative is Zhang Binghua (张炳华), who is also the technical director of Baidu’s data centre.

Baidu Data Tech’s business scope includes computer software and related equipment manufacturing; software development and sales and information systems integrated services.

Baidu (China) Co., Ltd. is the full owner of all equity in Baidu Data Tech.