Bank of China Veteran Zheng Guoyu Set to Join ICBC as Vice-President


A veteran executive of China’s big state-owned banking sector is about to make the transition between financial institutions.

Bank of China (BOC) vice-president Zheng Guoyu (郑国雨) is about to be appointed to the position of vice-president of ICBC – China and the world’s biggest bank in terms of assets, according to a report from 21st Century Business Herald.

According to ICBC sources Zheng has already been appointed to the party standing committee of ICBC, and will be appointed to the position of vice-president following the completion of requisite procedures.

ICBC’s team of senior-most executives is currently comprised of a team of five individuals – president Liao Lin (廖林), as well as the four vice-presidents of Wang Jingwu (王景武), Zhang Wenwu (张文武), Xu Shouben (徐守本) and Zhang Weiwu (张伟武).

Zheng Guoyu has worked at BOC for 33 years, having first joined the bank in 1988.

During the period from January 2012 to June 2015 Zheng served as the head of BOC’s Shanxi province branch, while from June 2015 to March 2019 he served as the head of BOC’s Sichuan province branch. In April 2019 Zheng was appointed vice-president of BOC.

Zheng was born in 1967 and graduated from the Wuhan Institute of Water Transport Engineering in 1988 with a degree in engineering. In 2000 Zheng obtained an MBA from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan.